Hi this is Deepak, an avid Online Marketer for almost 12 years Now!

I have made this website to help people by sharing my Real Review of the most popular Online marketing and Seo tools, resources, courses and services that are available today. When it comes to Internet marketing the Internet is full of Crappy tools and scam but it has a few golden nuggets as well and its a very hard task to differentiate the nuggets from the crap which form the majority.

Add to that, the Internet technologies keep changing along with the Search engine algorithm and what used to work some days back might not be effective any more. So I decided to not only review the Internet marketing products, but also give a few tips(wherever possible) on how to use them more effectively in the present scenario.

Here are some of the Most popular Internet Marketing Products and tools that I would like to review:

  1. Magic Submitter : One of the most popular tools today to build links, but are they really effective now? Check out my Magic Submitter Review.


2. Easy Blog Networks: One of the best ways to diversify different hostings and Ips if you have a large network of websites especially pbns. Check out here my Review of Easy Blog Networks or EBN as its popularly called.