Magic Submitter Reviews- You can Harm or Rank your Site-The Right and Wrong Way to Use

Does Magic Submitter Really worksMagic Submitter has a Great opening page video in their official website that claims to get your site ranked. But Does it really work now?

Short Answer is: No

Long answer: It depends on how you are using it. Well…yes it still might work but you must know how to use it correctly. I still use Magic Submitter to Rank my websites, and Videos to some extent. But you can easily get your site Google penalized or under a Google Filter if you do it wrong.

The Wrong way:

Using Magic Submitter to point links directly to your Money site- Pointing Magic Submitter Links directly to Money Site is Suicidal and in all probability you can get your Money site fall under a penalty or filter by using it.

The Right Way:

Never ever point any such links directly to your money site. Instead you can use it to power up your Tier2 Links or beyond.

That is something like this:

Magic Submitter Links—-Tier 2 Links–Tier 1 Links–Money Site

Magic Submitter Links—Pages Containing your Video embeds

I have ranked a number of websites and countless Videos using the above techniques.